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What About Life Insurance?

Did you know you could buy life insurance for someone else? I did not know that. It come as a total surprise to me when my sister told me we should get life insurance on our parents to help pay for some of the estate taxes we will be responsible for when they pass away. Even if your mother or father are smokers, it is possible to insure them. What about that?
We do not want to think about death, but, it wil happen. So we have to think ahead of time about our financial options.

Life insurance is a great option, because it is not taxed, so the whole policy amount is usable to pay the taxes.

Welll.... you learn something new every day.


My Wedding Ring

But I've got this thing. I don't like to wear my wedding ring when I wash my hands or take a shower. I have another thing. I take off my ring when I dump everything out of my pockets upon returning home - you know, my wallet, keys, change, pen. For some reason, ‘wedding ring' gets included in that group.

I want to state again, just for the record: I love being married. I love my wedding ring.

There have been a few times that I have temporarily misplaced my ring. Nothing significant, but I do get the occasional “freak-out moment” when I don't see my ring in its normal place (I know, I know, it's “normal place” is on my ring finger). A quick search usually finds my ring in the pocket of one of my pairs of pants or shorts - put there, no doubt, when I washed my hands.

The other day, I turned over a new leaf. And no, it had nothing to do with a New Year's resolution. I decided to leave my ring on - wet or dry, day or night.

It's taken a little getting used to. In the shower, I feel constantly on the verge of losing my ring off my slippery soapy finger. I still don't like the feel of a wet ring on my not-quite-dry finger. But I'm getting used to it.

Because even though Jane would probably admit that losing my ring would have nothing to do with the love that I have for her, there's something in the back of her eyes that tell me that I had better not ever let that happen.

I'd like to send props to our wedding photographer - Jerry Wang. He did an incredible job using a photojournalistic style of wedding photography.

My best friend and maid of honor, Mary, also deserves lot's of thanks for the beautiful bridal shower invitation she put together. The bridal shower invitations she chose were absolutely gorgeous, and the restaurant was great fun. Thanks to all the "girls" that attended also.